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The food industry is driving parliament’s agenda

23. Jun 2018

The new food waste law would close the social shops in the country and leave hundreds of families in Bucharest and Sibiu without the only source where they can buy food at lower prices.

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15. Feb 2018

We talked to the Plan Detaliu, along with representatives of other organizations involved in the fight against waste.

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Combating food waste

17. Nov 2017

Simon Suitner attended a public debate on law on combating food waste (Law 217/2016), organized by Junior Chamber International Romania (JCI) on the premises of the Ministry of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue on 15.11.2017. read more…


Does your child have anything to eat today?

05. Oct 2017

An important source of food for many people in Romania are social groceries. To support this type of shop, it is crucial that the food waste law is salutary. read more…


How does a social grocery work and what difficulties occur in running them in Romania

22. Sep 2017

Many have heart of them, but very few know exactly how social groceries work and you them sustain themselves. read more…


We’re looking for a new STORE MANAGER in Sibiu

30. Jun 2017

Adela Luta, the current store manager of Somaro Sibiu, has decided to take on another challenge in her career. read more…


Feldkirch in Austria supports SOMARO

22. Jul 2016

As more and more Romanian families have left to the Austrian town Feldkirch in recent months to ask for help in the streets Feldkirch’s citizens became even more aware of the fact that there is still poverty in Southern Europe. read more…

Donate 2 percent

How to support SOMARO for free in just 5 minutes!

03. Feb 2016

You like SOMARO and think it’s worth to be supported? Then just take 5 min. and donate 2 % of your income tax to SOMARO instead of giving it to the Romanian state. read more…


“The next step can only be to hand over SOMARO to local management”

28. May 2015

In this short conversation Katharina Turnauer, Jakob Detering and Simon Suitner are giving a review of SOMARO’s progress and explain why the right time has come to hand over the management. read more…


Simon Suitner takes over SOMARO management

27. May 2015

SOMARO can look back to five very successful years.  Now it is time to hand over the management to Romania. On the 1st of June 2015 Simon Suitner takes over from Jakob Detering the position of general manager. read more…


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