General Management


portrait - simon suitner empty

General Manager
and Store Manager Bucharest

Simon Suitner was born in Austria in 1982. He has a degree in Social Work and has worked in many different social care facilities. Simon speaks German, English and fluent Romanian.

“The idea behind SOMARO is as simple as it is brilliant! It helps solving two current problems of our society: On the one hand, there are food products and essential everyday objects that cannot be sold anymore on the first market and, on the other hand, there is a large number of people who need these products but cannot afford to buy them on the first market. I am filled with joy knowing that I helped build up this project, that I work on a daily basis to implement it and that it is beginning to bear fruits.“



portrait - nicu mihaila


Nicu Mihaila is Romanian. Born in 1968, he has been a driver for 20 years. He speaks Romanian and Italian.

“Working at Somaro, besides earning my living, means full inward satisfaction that I can help those people going through difficult moments of their existence. I hope that this SOMARO initiative will expand because there are still many people who need help.”

portrait - liliana ilie

Cashier and Shop Assistant

Liliana Ilie is Romanian.  Born in 1972, she was a seamstress for almost 10 years.

“Given the fact that we are going through a difficult economic situation, I think that the idea of starting the SOMARO initiative was a great help for the education and self-respect of the Romany community. Since I spend some time with these people while they are shopping, I can say that I’m impressed to see that they are really pleased that they can afford to make purchases with the little money they have.”




Store Manager

Adela Luta was born in Sibiu in 1986 and completed a Master in Communication and Marketing. After university she worked as a manager, first at McDonald’s, later on at a local restaurant chain. She speaks Romanian and English fluently.

“SOMARO is an exceptional concept. It uses resources that already are on the market and allocates them to people who need these products. The purchasing power of SOMARO’s clients is limited and due to the small prices in our social supermarkets they can regain their status as clients and buyers. By this initiative we do not only support the community we are part of, we also reduce the quantity of products that is usually wasted. Personally, I think that the importance of social responsibility will increase and really can make a difference for the people in need in our community.”


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