Why does SOMARO sell the products?

You might ask yourself: why does SOMARO not give its products away for free as its clients are people with low financial resources? There are several reasons why the sale of products leads to several major advantages for our clients!

First of all, we as an association could not exist without some financial return. Without such income we could not cover our running costs such as work force, energy, etc. Alternative financial models (e.g. funding by state authorities or private philanthropy) would make us dependent on these players and would implicate the risk that they would stop funding our activities.

Moreover, there are some practical and psychological reasons to sell the products instead of donating them to our clients: We treat our clients as a valued customers which gives them back some dignity – dignity needed to find the strength for the way back to a normal life: Shopping just like anyone else! And by purchasing the products, our clients only buy what they really need and consume! It is part of our mission to reduce the waste of consumable goods and that includes ensuring that our clients consume the purchased products and do not waste them themselves!

Nevertheless, it is very important to mention that SOMARO is not aiming at generating profits! Any profits that arise are reinvested 100% into the SOMARO project (e.g. to open another store) and not a single euro is used for dividends or any other remuneration to investors or third parties!