In today’s business world clients and consumers increasingly care about a company’s image. Strengthen this brand image by sponsoring SOMARO with products instead of wasting them! We assure that your commitment will be visible – without any costs to your company!

Placement of your company logo on our SOMARO transporters

Our transporters are on the road almost daily and can thus demonstrate to the public that your company cares about the social situation in Romania and promotes a sustainable, eco-friendly resource management! If you prefer, all costs for production and installation of the logos will be borne by us!

Advertising in our stores

We will be pleased to place your large-size advertising posters in our stores. That way your commitment cannot be overlooked!

To regular suppliers we can also offer exclusive “Sponsor Shelves”: Together we design one shelf in the design of your company and fill them with products exclusively sponsored by your company. That is maximum visibility!

Mention at our public appearances

Every time SOMARO appears in public, we will name with pleasure every company that supports us with products – because without our sponsors SOMARO would not exist! Whether on this website, in press articles, on TV or at events such as the opening of new stores our sponsors will be prominently acknowledged – providing perfect channels to position your company as a socially committed organisation!